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The Marketing Landscape Is A Moving Target


The marketing landscape is a moving target. There are so many digital options and it’s tough to decide which choice will give the most “bang for the buck”. Great social media strategies need to be managed, current, and scalable and that’s because a good deed today is forgotten tomorrow but a social media misstep seems to live forever. One big mistake is to model digital strategies based on how we know and use social media. That’s because the starting point of our social media networks begins with those that we know, are close to, and stronger relationships with; however, this act limits the potential strength in weak ties. And it’s the weak ties that can translate to the greatest value for any business, because that’s the untapped market, and that’s the competitive advantage. 


A huge thanks to Doctoral Candidate Daniel Reyes for sharing his insight and research in which he is building on The Social Network Theory. Dr. Anissa Villegas of Marketing with a Flair serves on research committees to add to the body of knowledge on marketing research. Dr. Anissa’s Millennial Realization Consumer Theory is often used as a foundational guide for her collaboration with other researchers. Marketing is evolving and the more empirical research we have on the topic will allow us to successfully create strategies that are based on science and not a trend or gut feeling. Our client’s budget is too important to waste on what I “think is right.” I would rather invest in what I KNOW is right!

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