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Marketing Action Plan™ (MAP)

The MAP identifies strategies that support your company’s overall mission and vision. It outlines specific marketing goals and objectives and provides implementation action plans, budgets and timetables. Our facilitated approach will provide solid guidance through the process of planning, campaign design, implementation and results measurement. Without a MAP, it is easy to get lost, or miss the destination entirely. Marketing with a Flair can create a plan that organizes the many aspects of creating a marketing plan that maximizes your marketing budget.

A Marketing Action Plan™ is an in-depth process with our professional team of specialists. Our proven methodology begins with research, and leads to results; your customized document will include:

  • Company goals and mission statement
  • Marketing strategies and objectives
  • Media campaign options (as necessary)
  • Evaluation and measurement controls

Thorough Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats & Trends (SWOTT) analysis to discover:

  • Current and potential target markets
  • Current brand strategy and awareness
  • Organizational goals
  • Differentiation qualities

Action plan documentation is very specific and includes:

  • Tactics (Exactly what is being done).
  • Completion date (Timetable).
  • Responsible party (Who is doing the work).
  • Budget (How much does it cost).
  • Status (Where are we now).

With a completed Marketing Action Plan™, you will be in a position to make strategic decisions about your company, with respect to its position in the marketplace, market share, marketing effectiveness and budgets.