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What Our Clients Are Saying

Bill Palmer
Operational Excellence, LLC.

I had three businesses working in tandem to separate and grow individually. We discovered that we needed a marketing strategy in order to grow the three entities at once. Marketing with a Flair helped us develop our individual brands market position for each, so that the three separate entities achieved measurable success concurrently. These businesses grew exponentially with the strategy implemented by Marketing with a Flair

Roger Anderson
One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating

Marketing with a Flair helped us achieve total market saturation in the West Valley and ensured that customers called on our services first.

Linda Stanfield
Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Marketing with a Flair has helped my company grow and brand itself in the Phoenix market. With their help, our business name came from nothing one day and was well known in less than two years. I have loved working with their team, they have always been professionals, on time with all their goals and have been very clear and creative. Robin Cook is a true leader and her team works hard towards her vision and goals, they are a great business partner to have on my team.

Robert Katz
Jagit Marine

Marketing with a Flair developed and implemented marketing strategies and produced an eye-catching display and publicity materials that stood out from the others. Within a short time, I received a call from a potential buyer interested in one of my costliest vessels.

Gretchen Perry
Craniofacial Foundation of Arizona

Marketing with a Flair quickly intensified (our) media plan. The increased awareness made the most significant impact on our fund-raising event, which was an overwhelming success.

Susan Ratliff
Exhibit Experts

Robin Cook and her PR professionals know how to spin a story for maximum media exposure. Not only does the team at Marketing with a Flair do their job well, they do it fast. Twenty minutes after I provided them with a juicy story angle, I had five TV stations on the phone fighting for the opportunity to interview me.

Bonnie S. Peggs
Angel Medical Center

Marketing with a Flair is a company that delivers with professionalism, kindness, and timeliness. In working with the staff, I could always be assured of a product that had the “look” I was searching for because they had taken the time to listen to my ideas and dreams. A company that is always a pleasure to work with when you need marketing or public relations help.