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The Optimizer Matrix™ (TOM)

The Optimizer Matrix™ is our most comprehensive strategic plan designed to help you achieve maximum results through a variety of communications strategies. TOM is designed to work with you to create the best and most effective strategic plan, which includes marketing, advertising, communications and publicity. This plan outlines specific marketing, advertising, communications and publicity goals and objectives and provides action plans, budgets and timetables. If you are in need of a complete communications package, TOM is right for you.


TOM is an in-depth process with our professional team of specialists. Our proven methodology begins with research, and leads to results; your customized document will include:

  • Company goals and mission statement
  • Marketing strategies and objectives
  • Communication strategies and objectives
  • Advertising strategies and objectives
  • Public relations strategies and objectives
  • Media campaign options
  • Evaluation and measurement controls.

Thorough Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats & Trends (SWOTT) analysis to discover:

  • Current and potential target markets.
  • Current brand strategy and awareness.
  • Organizational goals.
  • Differentiation qualities.

Documentation prepared during the planning stage is very specific and includes:

  • Tactics (Exactly what is being done).
  • Completion date (Timetable).
  • Responsible party (Who is doing the work).
  • Budget (How much does it cost).
  • Status (Where are we now).