Proactive Publicity Action Plan™ (PPAP)

The PPAP is designed to maximize visibility and take full advantage of long-term efficiencies of a managed publicity campaign. Marketing with a Flair has developed the PPAP to assist clients in creating positive publicity that will generate an increased awareness of your business. The PPAP identifies strategies that will place you in the forefront of the public’s eye. It outlines specific publicity goals and develops an approach that combines interactive and social media with local and national publicity in top news outlets. This strategic publicity plan is designed by experienced public relations practitioners that will determine the most effective media strategy and method for your business.

A Proactive Publicity Action Plan™ is an in-depth process with our professional team of specialists. Our proven methodology begins with research, and leads to results; your customized document will include:

  • Public relations strategies and objectives including social media and media relations
  • Evaluation and measurement controls
  • Topic and story idea development plan
  • Interactive plan for leveraging brand awareness online
  • Documentation prepared during the planning stage is very specific and includes:
    • Tactics (Exactly what is being done).
    • Completion date (Timetable).
    • Responsible party (Who is doing the work).
    • Budget (How much does it cost).
    • Status (Where are we now).

With a completed Proactive Publicity Action Plan™, you will be in a position to make strategic decisions about your company, with respect to its position in the marketplace, your key stakeholder feedback through social media, publicity effectiveness and budgets.