Strategic Planning

At Marketing with a Flair, we understand the value of strategic planning. Since every marketing dollar counts, we go to great lengths to help our clients develop and implement a successful vision that achieves the perfect formula for their marketing efforts.

We carefully listen to our clients, analyze their needs, and develop a customized plan that produces results. These exclusive products have helped hundreds of clients discover impressive success.

The Optimizer Matrix™ (TOM)
Need help with all areas of marketing, advertising, communications and public relations? This is our most comprehensive strategic plan.

Marketing Action Plan™ (MAP)
A strategic MAP will allow us to assess, develop, and draft an implementation plan that will guide your marketing efforts with systematic communications that deliver results by using an integrated approach based on your growth, goals and objectives.

Communication Action Plan™ (CAP)
A CAP delivers results by using an integrated approach based on developing and delivering you key messages to your stakeholders through appropriate communication methods or channels. This is not a “cookie-cutter” solution; rather, we will assess your current position and communication vehicles and customize a strategy to provide an effective communications campaign.

Proactive Publicity Action Plan™ (PPAP)
The PPAP is designed to maximize visibility and take full advantage of long-term efficiencies of a managed publicity campaign. Marketing with a Flair has developed the PPAP to assist clients in creating positive publicity that will generate an increased awareness of your business